Stave Notes

by Beth

I know what a stave looks like but I cant figure out where all the notes go. I have been looking every where but they don't explain it enough for my understanding. this is my homework task and I need an answer quite fast! Thanks :)

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Jun 25, 2016
How many Cs on the Treble Clef
by: Simon

Hi Bob,

Technically there is no limit to how many Cs on the treble staff! Practically however, to make things easy to read I would say 3.

Middle C being the lowest, C in the third space the second and C on two ledger lines above the staff being the third.

Of course one can use more ledger lines for Cs much higher and also lower, although at some point it would be easier to read to switch to the bass (or alto or tenor) clef for these.

Jun 23, 2016
by: Bob

How many Cs are on the treble clef

May 02, 2016

by: Simon

Hi Beth,

It depends on which clef you are having to find the notes for, but I am assuming the treble (G) clef. So, have a look at this page:

It shows you the notes on the lines and in the spaces and has a short quiz if you need to learn them as well.

If you are also wanting to learn to read music, as well as just do your homework you can start by learning this order of letters A - C - E - G - B - D - F. You will see from the notes on the stave that both the lines and spaces follow this pattern. More info here

Hope this helped with your homework!

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