Name of the 2 F s on treble staff

by John C
(Sydney Australia)

There are two f notes on the treble staff. Are they both referred to by the same name of treble F ?

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Nov 29, 2015
Pitch names change
by: Simon

Hi Stephan,

The numbers change at C (although it would possibly have made more sense to change them at A in my opinion!).

So the A below C4 is A3 and the A above C4 is A4.


Nov 29, 2015
Scientific Notation Numbers
by: Stephan Ziemba

Do the numbers change at the C's or the A's. In other words is the A just below C4, A4 or A3?

Apr 05, 2015
Note names and scientific notation numbers
by: Simon

Hi John,

They are actually both referred to as F, although I usually make a distinction between 'high F' and 'low F'.

If I am adding letter names under notes for a specific purpose (I usually don't do this) I use F for the F in the bottom space, and F' for the F on the top line to distinguish between them.

There is also Scientific Pitch Notation which refers to Middle C as C4, the C above Middle C is C5, below is C3 etc. This means that the F in the bottom space is F4 and on the top line is C5.

Several companies that produce MIDI keyboards actually use different numbering systems, which can get confusing - Yamaha uses C3 as middle C.

Hope this helps!

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