Key transition (Modulation)

How can I transition from 2 flats to 4 flats?

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Mar 16, 2016

by: Simon

This is quite an in depth question and it depends on the style really. Modulating in popular music can be very different from Baroque, Classical or Romantic music modulations due to the number of chromatic chords in use now.

If you look through some of Bach's Chorale harmonisations he almost just uses chords V - I in the new key! So, in this case you would need to use chord V7 in Ab major (4 flats) which is Eb.

One way in which you could do this would be to use the chord of Eb as IV in Bb major then IV7 (Eb7) and move to the chord of Ab - chord I in Ab major. If you take this approach use the chords V - I in the new key early if you want to establish Ab as the new key.

Hope this helps!

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