Beginning reading music notes

Can someone recommend a good music note study book for someone who is interested in learning to read music and has no experience in reading music notes.

What is the best instrument to learn from when learning to read music. I assume anyone can choose an instrument of interest with an interest in reading music. Some don't need to learn to read music to play music; however, what is the best instrument and music book note learning guide that would be helpful, practical with someone just starting learning reading music?

Helpful, too, is providing, if possible, a good source book, etc. for learning about note values, dotted, etc.

Thank you,

B. Bowen

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Aug 28, 2015

by: Maria


I can highly recommend the theory book from this site if you have an iPad. I have used it and found it explains things I struggled with for years. My friend has it on the kindle and it is also good, but there aren't the sounds, videos and quizzes in that one. Still good information though and easy to understand.

Which instrument? I will leave that to others with more experience. I started back to the piano in my 40s when I hadn't played since I was 15. It was a struggle but I have gained so much joy from my playing it was worth it.

I like the piano because I can play it at home and it sounds 'complete'. A few people at my church play instruments such as flute and saxophone and say they prefer playing with others or a piano player as other wise it can sound a bit thin. I suppose guitar gives you everything as well.

Whatever you learn though definitely learn about theory. It has helped my playing so much!

Hope I helped.

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